Friday, April 9, 2010

Science Experiment for a 3 year old

My daughters love it when I do weird experiments with them. E especially loves seeing how things work and what happens if we do this or that. I ran across a blog the other day (sorry, Im terrible I should have bookmarked it and didn't) that was talking about putting an egg in vinegar to see what happened. E thought it would be very funny to see so that is what we did.

Here are the results!

The egg absorbed the vinegar and the vinegar dissolved the egg shell. It smelled horrible! At the same blog (I really need to hunt it down, it had a ton of fun experiments to do) one of the reponses said to try putting it in corn syrup afterwards. I have a ton of corn syrup that I hardly ever use so I figured why not.

This time the vinegar left the egg (good ole osmosis, isn't it cool)
and it left it all shriveled up. Heres the best picture I got of that. E was facinated with the egg and wanted to hold it. She also wanted to cut it open and see what it was like inside. What is a mom to do but say yes to that. After all I want to feed her curiosity and all don't I... ok, I wanted to see what the inside looked like to, especially since the egg yolk was so visible from the outside.

The yolk was hard enough to handle. While handling it E got a little to excited and squished it. It poped and yolk oozed all over her hand. She thought it was great. I thought it was amusing but smelled pretty bad.

Next up, I have no idea but I need to find something. That was a LOT of fun to do with both of them. A didn't want anything to do with it but she watched us and laughed when E got the yolk on her. I might do this again when they are older and I can go into why things happened. Right now it was nice to expose them and get their wheels turning so to speak.